Walmart Family Mobile or Tracfone?

One of the key issues of a modern person who actively uses the capabilities of a mobile phone or smartphone remains the choice of a mobile operator and, accordingly, a tariff package. This task is quite challenging both for beginners in the mobile world and experienced users. Each of them seeks to get the widest possible package of quality services at a bargain price.

Today in the US, there are many companies of mobile operators, most of which are subsidiaries of one of four mobile communications giants: Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. However, some companies are working as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and came from abroad, like Tracfone. Moreover, the company bought Walmart Family Mobile in 2016, which was an independent provider to widen its coverage and popularity.

Nevertheless, the company decided to provide services under both trademarks. Also, it helps both to offer something unique and beneficial for its customers. This is due to the constant struggle for new subscribers and the ability to check various marketing features and their ability to attract new clients.

What to look for?

The main indicators by which potential subscribers make conclusions about the relevance of those two particular operators include:

  • Communication quality – implies signal strength and range of radio waves;
  • Network coverage is the territory where the operator guarantees high-quality and uninterrupted use of its services;
  • Tariffs – differ among themselves in the level of minimizing financial costs, and at the same time, they are divided into individual and corporate;
  • Package of services – a list of all those services that an operator can provide to its subscribers. These usually include standard telephony, messages, mobile Internet monthly amount and its speed;
  • Call-centers – free customer service for questions arising from them.

As both mobile operators are working under the same corporation rules, most of the items are the same or somewhat similar, at least. The most important aspect is still tariffs and suggested plans, and here what we have:

  • Walmart Family Mobile suggests an unlimited talk, text, and 2G internet for all offers, while further changes in price are related to the 4G internet option. Thus, one will get:
  • 2G for $25
  • 4G for $30
  • 14G for $40
  • unlimited for $50
  • 2-line unlimited for $75
  • Tracfone has a wider variety of suggestions, which can be divided into two groups: smartphone and basic phone. As the last option is not so popular, let’s review smartphone plans. Here one more tip is present as one can use airtime cards and pay for a specific period and receive diverse communication possibilities. However, for better comparison with Walmart Family Mobile, standard prepaid tariffs will be stated, which also suggest unlimited for calls and messages, but vary via internet options:
  • 1GB for $20
  • 2GB for $25
  • 3GB for $30

So, one still asks what to choose: Walmart Family Mobile or Tracfone? In terms of internet options for smartphones, Walmart Family Mobile looks better, but if the needs of the customer are broader, it is better to get acquainted with Tracfone tariffs.

Instead of Conclusion

As the practice of recent years shows, competing operators offer a variety of promotions and favorable discounts, even under the common owners. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that the tariffs of different operators, one way or another, correspond to each other, the cost of services in which are at the same level. However, most of the users, before choosing a particular mobile operator, carefully familiarize themselves with the offers of the mobile cellular market, weigh the rationality of service packages according to certain criteria.

The issue of choosing a Gaming PC is a rather challenging task, even if you possess unlimited funds. However, if the price matters, it only facilitates an already hard decision. Worldwide retailers are competing on the digital gaming market and suggest numerous conditions to potential buyers. The battle of Amazon Gaming PC vs Walmart Gaming PC should be regarded in all details to make the right final choice.

Number of suggestions

As both Amazon and Walmart online stores have a searching bar, let’s start with it. Typing “gaming PC” leads to the appearance of various personal computers to choose from, excluding an advertisement bar at the top with not fully relevant offers. The first aspect to mention is a number of suggestions with needed products: Amazon has only 57 variants, while Walmart showed more than 800 variants of the required devices. Even though people sometimes need fewer options for faster adoption, Walmart significantly overcomes its online competitor.


One of the most annoying factors during the searching process is distracting details. Thus, if one wants a gaming pc, he or she does not want to view a gaming processor, graphic card, or speaker stand. Unfortunately, both companies are not so attentive to their online filters or consider some advertisements for the related topic as an appropriate approach. As for me, it should be excluded as there is plenty of space around the presentation of the researched topic for advertising related products – there is no need to include it directly into the searching field.

Another element to discuss competence is the relevancy of the suggestions. Thus, it is quite hard to imagine a gaming PC for a few hundred bucks, but both online retailers offer products in this range of prices. I don’t think that someone who searches for gaming PC wants to define a device with integrated graphics or the cheapest one. For some office or home usage, it could be enough, but individuals with such needs are rarely typing “game” to receive fewer results.


It is quite hard to define who suggests better prices as there are plenty of variants that can have some common characteristics. If we include in the compering list refurbished models, the situation can be even worse. However, we found two same models of gaming PCs that are available on both platforms. Thus, Lenovo Legion C730-19Ico costs $1403 on Amazon, while on Walmart, its price is $1794. Another desktop suggestion under the code NUC8i7BEH requires numbers as follows: $700 on Amazon and $681 on Walmart. One can assume that Amazon is probably cheaper, but it is not an entirely true claim – everyone should be attentive and do not rely on the single online retailer’s options.

Few important tips pay attention

Even though the person who seeks gaming PC is usually aware of the specificity of hardware, we have to remind a few aspects. Thus, you should compare not only prices or a manufacturer of PC but also every detail:

  • Processors could have the same frequency and number of CPU-cores, but only one can be overclocked.
  • Graphic cards, even of the same series, can have different memory type or capacity.
  • The power supply can be of various manufacturers, which also matters.
  • RAM can have a similar capacity but a different working frequency.
  • Don’t forget about compatibility with virtual gaming options like Facebook Oculus and HTC Vive.

Most gamers are aware of those aspects, but a short reminder will not harm them. In conclusion, we also have to pay attention to the delivery issues as they are various for both retailers but can significantly change the final decision. So, one should always be attentive.

The largest American hypermarket is well-known almost all over the world not only for its truly gigantic assortment, the most friendly and customer-oriented technical support but also for its unique pricing policy. Unless you can find an item of interest at an eBay auction or closed sale sites at a more attractive price, but often it all comes down to the time factor – sometimes you have to spend a lot to find your own “pearl,” and there is a luck factor.

As Amazon is primarily a showcase of an online store, and only then a search engine for its own virtual shelves, the search, and tracking of necessary goods (especially when there are many) is quite tedious due to the interface overloaded with advertising information. Tracking the change in the price of the target product is a thankless job. To facilitate the search and tracking of prices on, a team of enthusiasts launched the Amazon price tracker service (Amazon price guide) back in 2008.

Since that time, the tracker has become a complete tool for searching, tracking, and notifying price changes for specific products. Also, it can display products with the highest discount for different periods and select Amazon bestsellers in various categories, and all this in just a couple of clicks. The service with the unusual name CamelCamelCamel (3 camels) is a real must-have for all customers. Amazon’s free price tracker keeps an eye on millions of products and immediately alerts its customers if they are down, helping clients make the right purchase decision.

Price tracker features

The primary tool of the service is the ability to track changes in the price of a particular product in order to buy it when the price is minimal either from Amazon itself or from sellers trading on its site. At the same time, you can track the number of needed goods.

To start an analysis, one has to copy the URL of the Amazon page and paste it into the search bar on Camelcamelcamel and get the entire history of the movement of prices on a particular page. It is usually divided into several blocks:

  • The first block provides:
  • Image of the product
  • Full description
  • Price
  • Buy button
  • Link to all offers of this product on Amazon, including third-party sellers
  • The second block is represented by a table in which one can click:
  • Desired Price, which sets a needed price for the product from Amazon or third-party sellers
  • Current Price, which will show the current cost
  • Difference, which indicates the difference between the expected and current prices
  • Attributes, which shows additional options
  • Prime, which means delivery of goods through the service of the same name
  • Best Price, which says that this is the lowest price in the history of tracking
  • S&H, which means that to the price a shipping fee should be added

To enable tracking of price changes and notifications about it, one should click the “Start tracking” button. Upon reaching the desired price, the client receives an email or message on Twitter.

  • The third part of the page is purely visual information that shows the change in the price of goods over different periods. Several options for changing various scales (price, period, etc.) are available here.

All these elements make CamelCamelCamel one of the best price trackers on Amazon. The client receives plenty of exciting information about the required product and has the ability to keep an eye on it.

Models of dog shock collars have a very different range of exposure levels and, depending on the purpose, have different functionalities. The variety of technical aspects and brand origin are influencing the price of the stun collars. However, for 90% of users, the presence of two basic functions – electrostatic (electroshock) exposure and vibration mode – will be quite enough.

No matter if you want to buy an electroshock collar for the sole purpose of weaning a dog to pick up doubtful objects from the ground or joyfully jumping with dirty paws at people. One of the best ways to choose the most appropriate variant is to visit an online retail store. There you can define a variety of manufacturers that present diverse features, and of cause, require different prices. However, vast choice can stun some people and they should be ready to review numerous offers. Among the greatest battles can be a query on Google “Dog Shock Collar Amazon vs Dog Shock Collar Walmart,” as both vendors are among the most popular. So, let’s try to define where it would be better to search for a dog shock collar.

Key Features of Electronic Leashes

Before the comparison of retailers is made, one has to know basic features and requirements for pet electro shockers. Below the list of primary features will be provided to create a stable image of “what to seek” before all the power of advertising will affect the person after arriving on the website:

I will list the main differences between “electronic leashes” for dogs so that everyone can navigate the choice and price.

  • The total number of levels of stimulation (force exposure). The levels of exposure to electrostatic impulse and vibration usually vary in different ranges, depending on the needs.
  • The number of stimulation methods available remotely. In various models of different companies, the number of exposure methods also differs – from two (shock + boost or shock + vibration, etc.) to 5-6 combinations of exposure: electrical pulse, vibration, sound, reproduction of the host voice recording, light pulse, spray, collar belt tension by a movable rocker, etc. The impact can be single, prolonged, and increasing.
  • The maximum possible number of collars. The maximum possible number of collars can vary from one to three dogs that can be controlled from one control desk.
  • Range of exposure. It can differ from 150 meters to 2 kilometers. The greater the range of exposure, the more expensive the collar, and the heavier and more massive it will be. A high range of action is needed mainly for hunting dogs.
  • Water-resistant. Water-resistance or waterproof of the remote control and the receiver itself. This indicator means that in the second case (waterproof receiver), the performance of the electronic collar will not suffer when bathing the dog.
  • Source of power. The power supply of the remote control and receiver (removable batteries or built-in battery with charger).
  • Additional features. Among the most widespread is the existence of a big red button and the presence of an antenna. The first gives a continuous discharge of the maximum level when pressed to show the dog that the situation is critical. An antenna is more an additional feature for long-range shock collars.

Amazon or Walmart?

Knowing all the information presented above, actually, everyone can calmly visit both vendors or even chose another one as most of them offer rather simple conditions. A primary comparison can be made even on the outside platform, where the most appropriate model of the reliable manufacturer can be chosen due to the needed requirements. In this case, the final step will be rather simple: compare prices of various vendors, check guarantee and delivery conditions, and wait until your dog is more obedient with a shock collar.

Many buyers drew attention to the great similarity in the design of online stores Aliexpress and Alibaba. It is believed that these are two competing Chinese stores. In fact, these are two completely different platforms, each of which is aimed at its own audience – wholesale and retail. The goals and strategies of these stores are fundamentally different from each other. One thing unites them – both online stores were founded by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma (also known as Ma Yun), or rather his brainchild – Alibaba Group Corporation. In this article, we will tell you in detail about how the Alibaba store differs from Aliexpress.

Basic differences

So, as mentioned above, the battle of Alibaba vs Aliexpress does not actually exist as stores solve completely different problems. The main difference, which plays a significant role in the formation of the target audience, is sales volumes to an individual customer. Aliexpress store is aimed at retail customers. Due to this, the site is in high demand among consumers. The goods will be sent regardless of the quantity and amount of the order. Alibaba platform is focused on the wholesale market. Its audience is entrepreneurs who buy large amounts of goods for resale. You can buy one unit of products on Alibaba, but its cost will be much higher than with a bulk purchase.

Perhaps this difference is already enough in order to form the user’s understanding of these two sites. But there are still some features that will be of interest to you.

Assortment and origin of goods

Millions of goods are posted on the websites of stores, ranging from trifles (hairpins, pens, needles, and threads) to large household appliances, automobile components, and production equipment. But Alibaba with Aliexpress and in the assortment issue differ. The first site presents products from around the world (like on eBay). Aliexpress also relies on a Chinese manufacturer and supplier. Yes, in some cases, the product range is similar, but not the fact that the supplier, and accordingly, the price, will match.

Payment and delivery methods

The process of ordering and paying for goods on the Alibaba store website is not entirely suitable for online shopping. On the pages of the catalog are presented only the supplier and its products. Place an order, negotiate payment and delivery, specify the price, the buyer is forced directly with the seller. What emphasizes once again – Alibaba is not a place to buy goods for your use. Aliexpress, in our understanding, is more suitable for online shopping. In it, the transaction passes as usual through the functionality of the online store, where the buyer himself chooses the delivery and payment methods.

The issue of delivery, both sites also decided in their own way. Aliexpress delivers most parcels for free using air transport. Alibaba also prefers, along with delivery by plane, delivery by sea.

Conclusion: Alibaba vs Aliexpress differences

As you can see, two Chinese sites, despite the external similarity, are fundamentally different from each other. In general, the difference between the two sites is manifested in the following aspects:

  • Sales volumes. Alibaba is focused on wholesale, Aliexpress – at retail.
  • Buyer-seller interaction. On, the buyer sees only the storefront. You can buy goods, find out the exact price and solve the issue of payment with delivery only by contacting the seller directly. Aliexpress, in this regard, acts as a traditional online store. The purchase process occurs using the functionality of the site.
  • Lack of Buyer Protection. The fame store largely brought his customer protection program. The seller will not receive money for the goods until the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods following the order. As you understand, Alibaba does not provide such services.
  • The methods of delivery, payment, as well as the range of goods, also vary significantly.