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Alibaba vs Aliexpress: What is Better?

Many buyers drew attention to the great similarity in the design of online stores Aliexpress and Alibaba. It is believed that these are two competing Chinese stores. In fact, these are two completely different platforms, each of which is aimed at its own audience – wholesale and retail. The goals and strategies of these stores are fundamentally different from each other. One thing unites them – both online stores were founded by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma (also known as Ma Yun), or rather his brainchild – Alibaba Group Corporation. In this article, we will tell you in detail about how the Alibaba store differs from Aliexpress.

Basic differences

So, as mentioned above, the battle of Alibaba vs Aliexpress does not actually exist as stores solve completely different problems. The main difference, which plays a significant role in the formation of the target audience, is sales volumes to an individual customer. Aliexpress store is aimed at retail customers. Due to this, the site is in high demand among consumers. The goods will be sent regardless of the quantity and amount of the order. Alibaba platform is focused on the wholesale market. Its audience is entrepreneurs who buy large amounts of goods for resale. You can buy one unit of products on Alibaba, but its cost will be much higher than with a bulk purchase.

Perhaps this difference is already enough in order to form the user’s understanding of these two sites. But there are still some features that will be of interest to you.

Assortment and origin of goods

Millions of goods are posted on the websites of stores, ranging from trifles (hairpins, pens, needles, and threads) to large household appliances, automobile components, and production equipment. But Alibaba with Aliexpress and in the assortment issue differ. The first site presents products from around the world (like on eBay). Aliexpress also relies on a Chinese manufacturer and supplier. Yes, in some cases, the product range is similar, but not the fact that the supplier, and accordingly, the price, will match.

Payment and delivery methods

The process of ordering and paying for goods on the Alibaba store website is not entirely suitable for online shopping. On the pages of the catalog are presented only the supplier and its products. Place an order, negotiate payment and delivery, specify the price, the buyer is forced directly with the seller. What emphasizes once again – Alibaba is not a place to buy goods for your use. Aliexpress, in our understanding, is more suitable for online shopping. In it, the transaction passes as usual through the functionality of the online store, where the buyer himself chooses the delivery and payment methods.

The issue of delivery, both sites also decided in their own way. Aliexpress delivers most parcels for free using air transport. Alibaba also prefers, along with delivery by plane, delivery by sea.

Conclusion: Alibaba vs Aliexpress differences

As you can see, two Chinese sites, despite the external similarity, are fundamentally different from each other. In general, the difference between the two sites is manifested in the following aspects:

  • Sales volumes. Alibaba is focused on wholesale, Aliexpress – at retail.
  • Buyer-seller interaction. On, the buyer sees only the storefront. You can buy goods, find out the exact price and solve the issue of payment with delivery only by contacting the seller directly. Aliexpress, in this regard, acts as a traditional online store. The purchase process occurs using the functionality of the site.
  • Lack of Buyer Protection. The fame store largely brought his customer protection program. The seller will not receive money for the goods until the buyer confirms the receipt of the goods following the order. As you understand, Alibaba does not provide such services.
  • The methods of delivery, payment, as well as the range of goods, also vary significantly.