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Dog Shock Collar Amazon vs Dog Shock Collar Walmart

Models of dog shock collars have a very different range of exposure levels and, depending on the purpose, have different functionalities. The variety of technical aspects and brand origin are influencing the price of the stun collars. However, for 90% of users, the presence of two basic functions – electrostatic (electroshock) exposure and vibration mode – will be quite enough.

No matter if you want to buy an electroshock collar for the sole purpose of weaning a dog to pick up doubtful objects from the ground or joyfully jumping with dirty paws at people. One of the best ways to choose the most appropriate variant is to visit an online retail store. There you can define a variety of manufacturers that present diverse features, and of cause, require different prices. However, vast choice can stun some people and they should be ready to review numerous offers. Among the greatest battles can be a query on Google “Dog Shock Collar Amazon vs Dog Shock Collar Walmart,” as both vendors are among the most popular. So, let’s try to define where it would be better to search for a dog shock collar.

Key Features of Electronic Leashes

Before the comparison of retailers is made, one has to know basic features and requirements for pet electro shockers. Below the list of primary features will be provided to create a stable image of “what to seek” before all the power of advertising will affect the person after arriving on the website:

I will list the main differences between “electronic leashes” for dogs so that everyone can navigate the choice and price.

  • The total number of levels of stimulation (force exposure). The levels of exposure to electrostatic impulse and vibration usually vary in different ranges, depending on the needs.
  • The number of stimulation methods available remotely. In various models of different companies, the number of exposure methods also differs – from two (shock + boost or shock + vibration, etc.) to 5-6 combinations of exposure: electrical pulse, vibration, sound, reproduction of the host voice recording, light pulse, spray, collar belt tension by a movable rocker, etc. The impact can be single, prolonged, and increasing.
  • The maximum possible number of collars. The maximum possible number of collars can vary from one to three dogs that can be controlled from one control desk.
  • Range of exposure. It can differ from 150 meters to 2 kilometers. The greater the range of exposure, the more expensive the collar, and the heavier and more massive it will be. A high range of action is needed mainly for hunting dogs.
  • Water-resistant. Water-resistance or waterproof of the remote control and the receiver itself. This indicator means that in the second case (waterproof receiver), the performance of the electronic collar will not suffer when bathing the dog.
  • Source of power. The power supply of the remote control and receiver (removable batteries or built-in battery with charger).
  • Additional features. Among the most widespread is the existence of a big red button and the presence of an antenna. The first gives a continuous discharge of the maximum level when pressed to show the dog that the situation is critical. An antenna is more an additional feature for long-range shock collars.

Amazon or Walmart?

Knowing all the information presented above, actually, everyone can calmly visit both vendors or even chose another one as most of them offer rather simple conditions. A primary comparison can be made even on the outside platform, where the most appropriate model of the reliable manufacturer can be chosen due to the needed requirements. In this case, the final step will be rather simple: compare prices of various vendors, check guarantee and delivery conditions, and wait until your dog is more obedient with a shock collar.