Author Comparison – Avast VPN vs NordVPN

Avast VPN and NordVPN are considered the best VPN services at present moment. Both propose the complete safety and confidentiality using many various servers by the hidden way in the Internet. Many users give positive comments on all their operations. But always the question of what is better is put bu the users. In order to know what the best one is, it should make testing of every service proposed by Avast and NordVPN. Let’s define the best one together!

Price policy

The price of Avast depends on the user device. It offers a three-year plan and is cheaper than NordVPN and becomes the winner in this category.

NordVPN offers also three plans. It proposes the discount with the help of a NordVPN lifetime deal.

Payment ways and refund policy

In order to obtain Avast VPN, users can pay using their credit cards or via PayPal. These two ways are completely safe. The company proposes the money-back guarantee at 30 days.

NordVPN is possible to obtain via credit cards and cryptocurrencies. In the past NordVPN also accepted PayPal, but not now. NordVPN makes a refund of money in a period of 30 days. So, in this category, Avast VPN and NordVPN have equal possibilities.

Operational speed

This category is one of the most important. According to the different analyses, the download speed of Avast VPN is slower than the speed of its concurrent. A NordVPN download speed is 24.91 Mbps and the download speed of Avast VPN is about 9.01 Mbps. So, in the category NordVPN is the winner.

Server network

NordVPN proposes more servers in contract with its concurrent.

Policy of logging

Avast VPN saves logs of IP addresses in contract with NordVPN that doesn’t maintain them. NordVPN is the winner here.

Customer support

Avast VPN provides the assistance 24/7. It has a forum with the articles on the different themes are placed. Avast doesn’t propose the live chat that isn’t acceptable by many users because it is quicker to receive the reply by writing than wait for the reply by phone.

NordVPN offers live chat 24/7 and has the detailed instructions and FAQ section on the support page. The operators provide immediate responses in about 30 seconds.

Unlocking system

Test results showed that the Avast VPN and NordVPN make blocking a wide range of streaming services but NordVPN operates better and with higher speed.

Torrenting support

Avast VPN provides several servers which let torrenting possible.

NordVPN is considered as the safest VPN service for torrenting. It guarantees many servers for torrenting.

Security system

NordVPN provides the users with a wider list of security system opportunities. It also proposes Double VPN that guarantees stricter confidentiality and the security is raised twice.

Bottom line

Both services work with high productivity but NordVPN proposes more possibilities to the users than Avast VPN.