Fixing the Problem – Malwarebytes unable to connect

Malwarebytes is the antivirus program that reveals and deletes the threats and malicious software. It appeared in 2016 and the user can download it from the Internet easily and use it with the aim to prevent hacking and dangerous attacks. It is possible to download the trial version at free which is enough to assist in the threat prevention. It also provides the users with the protection in the real-time regime, scanning on schedule and scanning of flash drivers. The program is available in many foreign languages. But the users receive the message that Malwarebytes connect make connection to the service. Don’t worry about this and let’s find the best solution.

Method 1 – to check the Malwarebytes service

The first reason – something isn’t goods with the Malwarebytes service. The user task is to reveal the reason: 

  • See the full range of the services on the PC, tap on the Start menu icon, and input as the administrator.
  • Tap on the Name column and find Malwarebytes program by search. 
  • Select it and tap on Properties.
  • Place the Startup type and replace it to Automatic.
  • If it doesn’t work, be sure that you start by taping on Start and wait for the status to become Running.  

Method 2- antivirus problems 

Malwarebytes Unable to Connect the Service can be the reason of the antivirus problem. The user can solve the problem with the steps:

  • To set an exception for MBAM in the antivirus program. The installation is different but it helps to locate it. 
  • Many people complained about the problem and revealed that the reason can be the antivirus software for Windows.

The user can simply wait for a new path or releasing hotfix which removes this problem.

Method 3 – put MBAM in the safe mode

Another popular method is to use a safe regime. The user should follow the instruction:

  • Type “MSConfig” and go to the Boot tab.
  • Examine the window near the Safe boot option and tap on the radio icon.
  • Confirm with OK.
  • Confirm that you are ready to reactive the system. 
  • The computer will start in a safe regime.
  • Open Settings and move to the list of applications.
  • Place MBAM between the uninstalled apps and tap on the Uninstall button.
  • Open MSConfig and switch off the Safe mode.
  • Restart the system and persuade if everything is good now and there are no errors. 

Bottom line

So, there are the most popular methods of how to overcome the Malwarebytes connection problem. They won’t take much time but will help in the problem solution.