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NTC Hosting Review and Basic Rules of How to Make a Choice

Those looking for shared hosting should pay attention to NTC hosting review. It offers good service at a reasonable price.

Hosting is rather important for SEO. Hosting is the first element to consider when planning your SEO campaign. Why this is so and what features (criteria) of hosting can play a big plus or, conversely, a minus in website promotion, is described in this article.


The search robot constantly visits the site to find new pages for indexing. The larger the site, the more often it is updated, the more often the robot comes to it in search of new content. If the server is unreliable, the search engine will not be able to find new pages, and the old ones will gradually drop out of the index, or temporarily decrease in the rating (with frequent interruptions). You need to be confident in the reliability of the selected hosting, in the high uptime of the servers, to avoid problems with indexing.


The speed at which the content server is served is the second important factor, as it directly affects the number of indexed pages over a certain period, as well as the behavioral characteristics of users, their patience, and page rank in search results. Hosting can be quite reliable, but slow and not so good in the era of high-speed internet and “heavy” sites. By the way, this also includes the speed of the DNS servers for the domain. Indeed, when you open a site, the request first goes to the DNS servers, and then to the server on which the site is located.


The physical location of the server (or geography) is also an important factor, as it affects the length of the path for data to travel from the user and back. In other words, the geography of the server will primarily affect the speed of content delivery, therefore, if possible, it is better to purchase good hosting in the country where the main audience of the site is located. There are cases when foreign hosting services are much faster than local ones. In this case, of course, it is better to purchase a foreign one.

Zero Balance Warning

It is also one of the important factors of the hosting company that affects SEO. Some companies will not warn you (or they will warn you once and the letter will be lost somewhere) when the hosting payment term expires. Using different hosting companies, situations can be different: someone did not notify at all about a zero balance and had to monitor this on their own, someone warned a month, and others, in addition to email, sent an SMS message.

Website accessibility is an important factor for SEO

A lot of sites go offline for non-payment. And the owner could simply forget, go on vacation, leave the password on another computer, or for other reasons not to top up the balance. Of course, you should always take care of timely payment for services, but it is also worth choosing a good service when the hosting company applies all the methods of communication with the client before turning off his server.