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Walmart Family Mobile or Tracfone?

One of the key issues of a modern person who actively uses the capabilities of a mobile phone or smartphone remains the choice of a mobile operator and, accordingly, a tariff package. This task is quite challenging both for beginners in the mobile world and experienced users. Each of them seeks to get the widest possible package of quality services at a bargain price.

Today in the US, there are many companies of mobile operators, most of which are subsidiaries of one of four mobile communications giants: Sprint, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile. However, some companies are working as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and came from abroad, like Tracfone. Moreover, the company bought Walmart Family Mobile in 2016, which was an independent provider to widen its coverage and popularity.

Nevertheless, the company decided to provide services under both trademarks. Also, it helps both to offer something unique and beneficial for its customers. This is due to the constant struggle for new subscribers and the ability to check various marketing features and their ability to attract new clients.

What to look for?

The main indicators by which potential subscribers make conclusions about the relevance of those two particular operators include:

  • Communication quality – implies signal strength and range of radio waves;
  • Network coverage is the territory where the operator guarantees high-quality and uninterrupted use of its services;
  • Tariffs – differ among themselves in the level of minimizing financial costs, and at the same time, they are divided into individual and corporate;
  • Package of services – a list of all those services that an operator can provide to its subscribers. These usually include standard telephony, messages, mobile Internet monthly amount and its speed;
  • Call-centers – free customer service for questions arising from them.

As both mobile operators are working under the same corporation rules, most of the items are the same or somewhat similar, at least. The most important aspect is still tariffs and suggested plans, and here what we have:

  • Walmart Family Mobile suggests an unlimited talk, text, and 2G internet for all offers, while further changes in price are related to the 4G internet option. Thus, one will get:
  • 2G for $25
  • 4G for $30
  • 14G for $40
  • unlimited for $50
  • 2-line unlimited for $75
  • Tracfone has a wider variety of suggestions, which can be divided into two groups: smartphone and basic phone. As the last option is not so popular, let’s review smartphone plans. Here one more tip is present as one can use airtime cards and pay for a specific period and receive diverse communication possibilities. However, for better comparison with Walmart Family Mobile, standard prepaid tariffs will be stated, which also suggest unlimited for calls and messages, but vary via internet options:
  • 1GB for $20
  • 2GB for $25
  • 3GB for $30

So, one still asks what to choose: Walmart Family Mobile or Tracfone? In terms of internet options for smartphones, Walmart Family Mobile looks better, but if the needs of the customer are broader, it is better to get acquainted with Tracfone tariffs.

Instead of Conclusion

As the practice of recent years shows, competing operators offer a variety of promotions and favorable discounts, even under the common owners. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that the tariffs of different operators, one way or another, correspond to each other, the cost of services in which are at the same level. However, most of the users, before choosing a particular mobile operator, carefully familiarize themselves with the offers of the mobile cellular market, weigh the rationality of service packages according to certain criteria.