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CamelCamelCamel as the Best Buy Price Tracker on Amazon

The largest American hypermarket is well-known almost all over the world not only for its truly gigantic assortment, the most friendly and customer-oriented technical support but also for its unique pricing policy. Unless you can find an item of interest at an eBay auction or closed sale sites at a more attractive price, but often it all comes down to the time factor – sometimes you have to spend a lot to find your own “pearl,” and there is a luck factor.

As Amazon is primarily a showcase of an online store, and only then a search engine for its own virtual shelves, the search, and tracking of necessary goods (especially when there are many) is quite tedious due to the interface overloaded with advertising information. Tracking the change in the price of the target product is a thankless job. To facilitate the search and tracking of prices on, a team of enthusiasts launched the Amazon price tracker service (Amazon price guide) back in 2008.

Since that time, the tracker has become a complete tool for searching, tracking, and notifying price changes for specific products. Also, it can display products with the highest discount for different periods and select Amazon bestsellers in various categories, and all this in just a couple of clicks. The service with the unusual name CamelCamelCamel (3 camels) is a real must-have for all customers. Amazon’s free price tracker keeps an eye on millions of products and immediately alerts its customers if they are down, helping clients make the right purchase decision.

Price tracker features

The primary tool of the service is the ability to track changes in the price of a particular product in order to buy it when the price is minimal either from Amazon itself or from sellers trading on its site. At the same time, you can track the number of needed goods.

To start an analysis, one has to copy the URL of the Amazon page and paste it into the search bar on Camelcamelcamel and get the entire history of the movement of prices on a particular page. It is usually divided into several blocks:

  • The first block provides:
  • Image of the product
  • Full description
  • Price
  • Buy button
  • Link to all offers of this product on Amazon, including third-party sellers
  • The second block is represented by a table in which one can click:
  • Desired Price, which sets a needed price for the product from Amazon or third-party sellers
  • Current Price, which will show the current cost
  • Difference, which indicates the difference between the expected and current prices
  • Attributes, which shows additional options
  • Prime, which means delivery of goods through the service of the same name
  • Best Price, which says that this is the lowest price in the history of tracking
  • S&H, which means that to the price a shipping fee should be added

To enable tracking of price changes and notifications about it, one should click the “Start tracking” button. Upon reaching the desired price, the client receives an email or message on Twitter.

  • The third part of the page is purely visual information that shows the change in the price of goods over different periods. Several options for changing various scales (price, period, etc.) are available here.

All these elements make CamelCamelCamel one of the best price trackers on Amazon. The client receives plenty of exciting information about the required product and has the ability to keep an eye on it.